The comments in these web pages are, to our best knowledge accurate and informative. Although I try to base my comments entirely on what the KJV Bible says, the reader should not accept the content of these comments without checking them out in your own Bible and other reference materials. This is one reason why I use only the King James Version Bible. The researching student can use the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, the Green's Interlinear Bible and the Companion Bible as source research material. The other Bible versions do not have these study resources.
Adam   Various studies, always under construction.
A great star fell from heaven   What is this great star?
Baal / Alternate index   His many names and rolls.
Cain's sacrifice, What was wrong with it? Gen. 4:3 Why was Able's sacrifice
Civil Laws, obey them    
Exodus - The Crossing Exodus Did it happen (Under construction).
End Times   My thoughts.
Famine of the End Times   Will we all starve?
Floods   Was Noah's flood the only flood?
Four Hidden Dynasties, What are they   Who is in control?
Giants, did they really exist?   Some information about Og, king of Bashan.
Idumea - as in the Bible    
In the Beginning - Genesis   How was the world created?
Inflation of the end times   Is the inflation of the end times mentioned in the Bible?
Iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full   What gave the Israelites the right to invade Canaan?
Is Jesus Christ a new God?   How old has Jesus Christ.
Johah, is it a "fish story?" Misc. verses Why did the fish eat Johah
Kenites   also see Rechabites and Serpent's Seed.
Locust Army: columns / page   Ever hear about them?
mark of the beast, is it 666?   Proof that the mark of the beast is 666 and nothing else.
Melchisedec, Who was he   Why was Melchisedec even mentioned in Genesis?
Moses married an Ethiopian woman   More information about Moses' wife
Moses, Who buried his body   Why couldn't Satan find the bones of Moses?
Nimrod, Babylon   Nimrod was a mighty man, hunter, king of Babylon
Petra   The city of rock.
Rahab the harlot Joshua Why a harlot?
Rechabites   also see  Kenites and Serpent's Seed.
Serpent's Seed   Serpent's seed, documented chapter and verse KJV

Sixth day creation, The

Gen. 1:26 Where did Cain's wife come from?
Sons of God, The Gen. 6:2,
Job 1:6
What were they?
Stranger in a land that is not their's Gen. 15:16 Why the Israelites went into slavery in Egypt
Three world ages   How old is the world? How many ages are there?
Time no longer   When will this world age end?
Where are the dead  Misc. verses What happens to us when we die?